Women’s culling

Helen of Troy

Leaving the chevron brights,
I loved being abducted.
-Pastiche of relations never questioned.
Stealthily, I retired to Paris.
Troy destroyed.

Sita of Ayodhya

Leaving the chevron brights,
I was stealthily abducted.
-Chastity of relations questioned.
consumed, I retired to my cleft.
Ayodhya lived.


Chronological order of dates and happenings and fixing date of birth for Chandragupta Maurya

The Nirvana of Buddha took place in 483 B. C. 

The Mahavir died 468 B.C. 

Bindusara reigned for 28 years as per Vayu puran

Bindusara : He died 8 years before the Nirvana of Buddha according to mahavamsa, i.e. in 519 B. C
After a reign of 28 years he was succeeded by his son Ajatasatru, whose date of accession would thus be 491 B.C.
Ajatasatru reigned for 25 years as per Vayu puran.
Suceeded by Darsaka: The date of Darsaka's accession would be 466 B. C.
Darsaka also reigned for 25 years according to the Vayu Purana
Succeeded by Udayi: Udayi must have come to the throne in 441 B. C.
Udayi ruled for 33 years according to the Puranas.
He, therefore, must have died in 408 B. C. Here, fortunately, the Jain 
writings come to our help. According to the Parisishtaparvan, Udayi died 60 years after Mahavira's death which occurred in 468 B. C 8 . this conclude that Udayi died in 408 B.C.
According to the Jain Parisishtaparvan a period of 95 years elapsed 
between the death of Udayi and the accession of Chandragupta
Other kings ... 408-353 B.C. (Thus the grandson of Udayi remains as the last king of this line)
Nandas - 353-313 B. C. 

Veda 2

Science in Veda and presence of Higgs particle in Rigved 1/24/8 and 10


अपदेपादाप्रतिघातवे Sकरुतापवक्ताहृदयाविधश्चित_


अद्ब्धानिवरुनस्यव्रतानिविचाकश्चंद्रमानक्तमेति              Rigved 1/24/8 and 10

ऋग्वेद १/२४/ ८ और १० मंत्रो में यह दर्शित है कि राजा वरुण (newly discovered Higgs field “fills all of space” and “gives particles mass,” that it acts like a kind of space-filling “molasses,)  अर्थात वायु ने सुर्य को अपनी कक्षा में  घूमने का मार्ग दिया है, उसी ने पांव रहित सूर्या को आकाश में अपनी कक्षा में घूमने का मार्ग दिया है,अर्थातवही उसकी क़िरण को विस्तारित करता है और वही उसे अपनी कक्षा में घूमने का मार्ग देता है. दशम मन्त्र में कहा गया है कि ये नक्षत्र जो आकाश में स्थित हैं वे रात्रि में तो दीखते हैं परंतु दिन में कहाँ चले जाते हैं  कि दिखाई नहीं पड़ते. वायु( प्रवह वायु; newly found Higgs particle) का यह दृढ़ नियम है कि उसके द्वारा चंद्रमा रात्रि में ही दिखाई पड़ता है. यहाँ पर दिखाया गया है कि वायु नक्षत्रों आदि की गति में सहायक है.

The modern science says that light travels through vacuum; they assumed that the space was a good vacuum, but still the ambiguity remains.

There are at least two ways that we know light can travel through a vacuum. The first is by observation of the Sun and other stars. 

Astronauts have measured the pressure in outer space and found that there is a very good vacuum, much better in fact than that which we can easily make on earth. The second is through observations on earth. Scientists have measured the speed of light in a vacuum very carefully, and they have very good pumps for achieving very clean vacuum here on earth. 

If we are very precise, we should note that there is no such thing as a perfect vacuum. There is always a little contamination, even in interstellar space or the cleanest laboratory. Vacuum is measured by its pressure, and scientists can with a little expense obtain 10^(-10) Torr (recall the atmospheric pressure is 760 Torr). At these pressures, the space is mostly empty and light traveling through it is traveling through empty space most of the time, only rarely encountering molecules. Thus, since light travels through it, we know that light travels through a vacuum of at least this level. You might look into what the pressures are for outer space, to get a feeling for the absolute lower limit. Another interesting, but advanced topic is how scientists achieve these pressures. ( from http://scienceline.ucsb.edu/getkey.php?key=307 )

It gets even worse if you dig deeper. For example, the Higgs field is much weirder than the comparisons with molasses or crowds suggest, since it does not actually drag or impede particles, but still somehow shares its mass with them.

The sukta above elaborates the same that there is a pravah vayu( here vayu should not be confused with “air” but the particle also responsible to accelerate) which is so grand that it is named/ metaphored rajah, the king who holds. It has further elaborated that this particle is responsible to make all the nakshatra- stars visible during the night. It is this particle only which is responsible for Sun and stars to float, that they have been given invisible legs which means the velocity and acceleration to move on without colliding into each other since they are being hold on molasses like spread particle( something like ball on the bed sheet when holded from four corners. And it is this particle which has given the path to the stars/Sun. And this is the particle through which the light travels. There is thus no ultimate vacuum in space.

(These thoughts are purely a thought of undersigned that is in quest of reinventing and simplifying the truth through scriptures) Did we know it earlier?


DAY 2212 We adore you….for your immense energy


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I have been drugged with a tablet to fight off my cold for a while so am taking leave. There is a 7am call tomorrow and then meetings with the R Balki to sort out the shooting schedule starting day after - look, dresses, scenes, locations et al ..

The NUTRICHARGE logo is one that I now endorse and am a part of the business. Spent a heightened evening with their entire work force, and their executives at an event at nearby by hall, to motivate them to increase their selling and marketing skills and to bring the product, to its enviable highest position in the market ..

Fascinating how motivation at such gatherings take place. You could almost feel the palpitating emotions, as each group took it upon themselves, to put their heart and soul to make the brand a leader in their own sense … !! 

And the cricket goes on in unabated breath .. as does the work !!

The last few posts have been given to understand to me, that they were far too depressing to behold and that a greatly more simpler and legitimate writing would be of much help ..

I must admit that perhaps it was, but then the prerogative of content must be mine, surely. If not, then it could be anyone’s.

Many send information on the Blog and suggest that I write on particular topic. But the topics that prevail are difficult not to behold, on my own ..

Many that do not wish to conform to the norms, speak in aggression and threat to leave ..

Remember this then :

I have never forced or threatened for any Ef to come and join the platform. Nor have I ever told anyone to leave, or sacked them. You came on your own and I am most excited about it. You wish to leave, you have sufficient justification to do so .. I shall not coerce you to come, and nor shall I ever ask or command you to leave .. This platform is universal and sovereign .. there is freedom and its expression on it .. bas !!


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